Carolyn S. Knorr Photography | About

I am a student of photography.  I have studied with various professional photographers and attended workshops through Santa Fe Workshops and National Geographic.  In 2013 I enjoyed a yearlong advanced mentorship with master photographer, George DeWolfe.  I have also taken master print classes and print my own work.  I am currently studying with two local professionals who coach and mentor me in all things photographic..


All my work is printed on Hahnemuehle archival papers  My framed pieces are preservation mounted with archival mat and conservation glass.


Ran Ortner’s statement in his essay on art states, “Art is not a skill contest, nor an innovation contest. Art is an honesty contest”.  This statement resonated with me.  Creativity is also a method of problem solving.  My goal is to create images that utilize honesty; mindfulness; seeing; positive and negative space; emote feelings from me, the artist; and elicit feelings from the viewer.  I love utilizing light and shadow to paint a picture of a scene that resonates with the viewer.


If you are interested in acquiring an image seen on my website or have a question, please feel free to contact me.  All my images are signed and numbered on the back in limited editions of 10.